Pastors Pen
Recently I was reminded how easy it is for me to fall into bad habits, to lose my edge, to drop my guard. When a person has been in a situation or state of mind for an extended period of time good habits can fall away as the brain adapts to the “new normal”. This reality became clear to me while driving on Rt 34 through Oswego. Since March of 2020 my brain has been in “low traffic mode” meaning a serious reduction in the number of cars on the road which translated into lazy driving habits. These habits if left unaddressed could lead to disaster. The same is true for us spiritually and emotionally.

For the past fourteen months many of us have been in a “duck and cover” mode of living. Our minds and emotions became engulfed by coronavirus, violence in the streets, medical issues, relational strife etc. During these times of extended duress our minds and thought processes begin to change. We begin to focus on the issue instead of focusing on Jesus and His Word. We are not alone, the Apostle Peter experienced this at times. One such instance happened while Peter and the disciples were in a boat rowing through a storm. Peter and the others were so laser focused on the storm (rightfully so) that they almost missed Jesus. Well, they did miss Him, they mistook Jesus for a ghost.
After Jesus tells them not to be afraid; Peter cries out “Lord, if it’s You, command me to come to You on the water.” “Come” Jesus said…” Matt. 14:28-29. Many of us have walked through water but only Christ Jesus and Peter have ever walked on water! Imagine the feeling of the water on the bottom of your feet but not sinking. Think of Peter’s emotions and spiritual high so to speak, he is walking toward the Savior on water! Could life get any better? Unfortunately, we know what happens next. Peter falls into bad habits and sees the storm over the power of Jesus, he took his eyes off the Creator of the storm, began to sink and then was rescued by Jesus.

While driving that day I glanced at a used car lot for a split second, ok maybe two seconds, when I turned my eyes back to the road the car in front of me was stopped. Thankfully I had not lost all of my good driving habits as I still had plenty of time to react avoiding an accident. That was a wakeup call for me. I hope we can come out from under the cloud of despair swinging, laser focused on Jesus and the promises in His Word. Together, lets regain our edge.

Pastor Steve