Pastors Pen
Three events in world history have a greater impact on humanity than any other, they are; the birth of Christ, His death and His resurrection. We know in order for someone to die they must first be born. At our Christmas Eve services we acknowledge this; we celebrate the birth of the Savior while holding in tension His impending death on the cross. I would like us to focus on Jesus’ resurrection and the importance of His triumphant exit from the tomb, specifically, what does the resurrection mean for us today? The simple answer is Jesus’ resurrection means that He has opened the door for eternal life for all who will receive Him. Jesus has conquered not only sin but death! That is wonderful news for a fallen humanity! It is the great trade, we incur a debt of sin that we are unable to pay, He takes our sin and pays our debt. However, I believe the resurrection not only gives us the promise of eternal life in heaven, it also validates the Bible, which in turn helps us to trust the Bible. In other words, because the promise of the coming Messiah and His sacrificial death and resurrection has been fulfilled, we know the rest of God’s Word can be trusted.

For example, in Genesis 3 following the fall of Adam we read of the One (the seed of the woman) who will crush Satan. Isaiah and Jeremiah speak of the root or stump of Jessie, this great Savior who will come, the One who will reign on David’s throne forever. Jesus’ birth fulfills a part of the promise. Isaiah 53 speaks of the suffering servant, preparing the reader of what lay ahead for the Savior. Jesus tried telling the disciples multiple times that He must be turned over to sinful men and give His life as a ransom. He said, “For this reason the Father loves me, because I lay down my life that I may take it up again.” He did exactly that! Promise fulfilled. Since these promises have been fulfilled (and many others) we have confidence that all of God’s Word, the Bible is trustworthy. Let us be mindful of that as we celebrate Resurrection Sunday and every day.

Pastor Steve