RightNow Media

This is a Christian company that has a passion for Christian discipleship, through using digital Bible studies and conferences. They have an enormous library of solid theologically sound content for all ages. We are connected with RightNow Media. Our church pays a monthly fee which allows us to give access at no cost to our congregants who set up an account. To set up an account with RightNow Media either text RIGHTNOW UMCPLANO to 41411 or go to this page to get access. The really exciting news is that RightNow has worked aggressively to help pastors and churches stay connected while being physically apart. They have developed something similar to Zoom where pastor Steve plans to lead an interactive Bible study without some of the issues with Zoom namely, the only way to participate in the Bible study is to have a RightNow account. Once pastor decides on the study, you will see it on our website, Facebook and via email.